Meet The Staff

Edith Lipscomb, Director of Operations

When you are ready for take off, listen carefully to the flight attendant. "Please attach your own mask before assisting others". These instructions fit perfectly with my belief that healthy self-care is the basis of a balanced and happy life. Self-care is not easy while juggling different roles and responsibilities. However, by meeting my own needs first I can build the energy and strength necessary to be effective as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, teacher and coach. By constantly checking in with myself I am ready for the challenges and grateful for the fulfillment that comes into my life everyday.

As Director of Operations at Samaritan Family Wellness Foundation, I juggle many roles in the areas of publishing, sales, marketing and coaching. My work here at Samaritan focuses on growing Living Compass, The Teen Compass and the Parent Wellness Compass in organizations around the country.

I have a BA degree from the University of Texas at Austin and I am a certified life coach with the leading Coaching University in the world, Coach U. I have accumulated over 100 hours of coursework and training in coaching and family wellness over the past several years. Coaching and education prepare me to help others take positive action in their life, and more importantly take good care of myself.

Join me for a Living Compass Wellness Circle or a Living Compass workshop and discover ways to take care of yourself.

I would like to Suggest the following Resources . . .

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