Living Compass

Living Compass
Living Compass Introduction

Samaritan Family Wellness is committed to providing wellness programs for individuals, couples and families that are proactive and preventative in nature. To that end, we have created our own signature program, called Living Compass, which can be used one on one or in group formats. Living Compass is a tool that will help individuals check eight areas of their life and create positive change where they think is necessary. Living Compass has both secular and faith based materials.

All Living Compass Materials:

  • Focus on possibilities not problems.
  • Help individuals take concrete steps towards reaching the goals they set.
  • Help people achieve better balance in their lives.
  • Help people to reduce and manage stress.
  • Help people improve the important relationships in their lives.
  • Helps people break bad habits and replace them with good habits.
  • Offer fun, informative and life changing information and tools.

Secular Programs for schools and non-religious organizations:

Adult Wellness
Teen Wellness

Faith Based Programs for churches or faith based organizations:

Adult Wellness
Parent Wellness
Teen Wellness

A Small Group Program for individuals to enhance their whole-person wellness.

An Introduction to The Living Compass Program in the Words of Dr. Rev. Scott Stoner

For the past thirty years, I have had the honor of walking with people on their journeys towards healing and wholeness. I have walked with people in my professional life as psychotherapist as well as in my personal life as husband, father, son and friend. Most importantly, in all of these relationships, I have walked as a fellow traveler on the life-long journey towards whole-person wellness.

I used to think that my years of training and experience qualified me as some kind of "expert" on helping people seeking wholeness. I thought my role was to listen to their symptoms and then prescribe what changes they needed to make in their lives. This approach certainly helped some people, but I soon realized that there was a better, much simpler way. I learned that when people feel genuinely supported and listened to, they can almost always name for themselves the changes they need to make to bring greater wholeness and wellness to their lives.

Living Compass is based on the belief that each individual knows what she or he needs to do in order to become more whole. It is also based on the belief that we cannot be whole by ourselves; this journey requires the care and support of others. The Living Compass program provides both a structure and a process for the individual and communal dimensions of this journey. This program will help you focus on what you already know needs attention and with the support of others, help you to risk taking action steps to make the changes you desire.

Soon after I began my work as a psychotherapist, I noticed that people often kept returning for sessions long after they had reached the initial goals they had set for themselves. Each of them said they came back not because they had a "problem" but because they welcomed the opportunity to have authentic conversations about continuing to become more fully alive. I developed the Living Compass Program in large part to meet this need: to provide a place where people can have authentic conversations about continuing to become more fully alive.

Welcome to Living Compass. It is honor to walk with you on your journey towards whole-person wellness.

The Rev. Dr. D. Scott Stoner, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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