Living Compass

Living Compass

Living Compass for Adults - Secular

Two types of Living Compass materials can be adopted to support the health and wellness of the adults in your area or organization.

*Living Compass Weekly Words of Wellness can be used in your organization's health and wellness newsletter (please cite the author and source) or as discussion starters in your wellness gatherings.

*Living Compass's signature program, the six week Adult Health and Wellness program can also be offered in your context. This can be delivered in an adult education format or in a more intensive six-session format that can be used for large or small groups. In this format individuals use a personal workbook and facilitators use the Living Compass Facilitator Guide to help them along the way.

The Living Compass Adult Health & Wellness six week program can be used in the following formats:

  • AODA clinics
  • Medical clinics
  • Personal study for individuals
  • Divorce recovery groups
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Group study in homes
  • YMCAs

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