How They Work

Our staff loves getting out into the community to run retreats and workshops and to teach classes about healthy relationships. They speak to a variety of audiences at churches and schools, on college campuses and at YMCAs. In the past we have spoken to parents of teens and preteens through schools and churches, teens in their high school health classes, men’s groups, adult education classes and gatherings of both fathers and couples all at churches and to teachers at inservices.

If you would like to find out more about how we could work with your organization or to find out more about having one of our staff come to speak with your group, please call our office at 414-964-4357 or email Holly at We will be glad to work with you on making the arrangements. The fee will be dependent on the amount of time scheduled and the distance our staff will need to travel.

If you are interested in having Living Compass at your place of worship or at your school please contact Scott at

  • Healthy Dating - speaking at high school classes, youth groups, groups of young adults, college campuses and divorce recovery groups
  • Love and Logic Parenting - for parents at schools (preschool through high school) and places of worship
  • Building a Healthy Teen From the Bottom Up - for parents at middle schools and high schools and places of worship
  • Fatherhood - speaking at schools and places of worship
  • Men in Marriage - speaking at places of worship
  • Healthy Commuication in Marriage - speaking at places of worship
  • Recognizing and Helping Children and Adolescents Who Have Depression and Anxiety - for teachers and parents at schools or places of worship
  • Helping Children Through a Divorce - for parents at schools or places of worship

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