Classes Offered

Healthy Dating
Holly loves speaking about healthy dating to high school classes, youth groups, groups of young adults, and folks who are thinking of dating again after a divorce. She helps group members identify characteristics of relationships that, in the long run, will bring them happiness and to recognize, also, the warning signs of a relationship that will end in heart ache. She stresses in this interactive class that the more intentional they are about relationships as they are forming, the better chance they have of living in a relationship that is a happy and healthy one.

Building a Healthy Teen From the Bottom Up
Holly speaks to parents of middle school and high school students as she not only was the mother of three teenagers herself but was also a high school teacher for eight years and is now a family therapist as well. She knows that in order for parents to have the influence they want with their teenagers they will need to stay connected at the very time teens are yearning and pushing for independence. This can be tricky, but can be done, and she will explain how. She will speak about how to stay connected with teens and give tips on how to navigate these years so that parents have the best chance of keeping their children safe and of guiding them successfully into adulthood.

Men's Issues
For thirty years, Scott has spoken extensively to men of all ages -- teens to seniors about the following issues: healthy relationships, how to add more tools to your emotional tool kit, men and depression, fatherhood, male spirituality, work/life balance, and mid-life issues. Scott will work with groups to design a presentation that is just right for their audience.

Marriage Skills
Holly and Scott apply their collective wisdom from 32 years of marriage and thirty years of professional experience to teach couples of all ages the skills they need to created and sustain healthy and life-giving relationships. They begin their marriage talks with the following: "We want you to know that we are both in our third marriages… the first marriage was the five years we had together before the kids were born, the second marriage was the twenty-two years we spent raising kids, and our third marriage has been the last five years that it's been the two of us again." This introduction is their way of saying that all marriages have to be created and re-created in order to stay vital.

Recognizing and Helping Children and Adolescents
Who Have Depression and Anxiety
Understanding childhood mental health, recognizing symptoms of anxiety and depression in children, knowing how to talk to and support families and how to empower a child who is struggling with these issues are skills teachers need to have to best serve their students and their families. Holly, a former grade school teacher and high school special eduction teacher, loves to share this information with teachers as she knows they are on the front lines when it comes to helping these children and their families. She would love to come and speak at your K-12 school.

Helping Children Through a Divorce
How a child handles the divorce of his or her parents depends in large part to how the separation is handled and how well the parents are able to work together long term as co-parents of the child or children they both love. This class is intended for parents who are either divorced or are divorcing (both parents do not have to attend) and will go over some of the issues that need to be addressed and how to keep the communication open so that the children involved will have the best chance of growing up healthy and happy.

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